Sunday, June 15, 2008

phone o'phone where art thou?

after i returned from the blackburn market yesterday, i decided to work in the hotel bar and have a late lunch. i ordered the lancashire sausage with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.

now, i must stay that the english know how to make sausages, bacon, meat pies, butter, cream, and well, tea of course. once i finished....i went back to my room and promptly fell asleep. i think it was the combo of my heavy late lunch and having been up since 12:30am. hence, i fell asleep at 6:30pm and didn't wake up again until 9:30am. nice.

after my first decent night sleep, i decided to go to oswaldtwistle mills
this morning for about an hour to have a look around before i returned to working on my presentation. it was interesting. again, i wanted to go early so that i could look around without hordes of people about. i think ozzie mills is a villiage hotspot ....very similar to how blackburn market and blackburn town center is popular area for locals to get all of their errands done. it wasn't until i was midway through my visit that i realized that i left my phone in my hotel room. now, at ozzie mills, unlike blackburn market...there are no taxi stands about. once i was done with my visit, i exited ozzie mills to search for a pay phone. i had a feeling that this was going to be an adventure within itself. as i was leaving, i asked the man working traffic in the car park if he knew where i could find a pay phone as i needed to call a taxi. he said that he had no idea and ended up calling the number for me. thank goodness...he saved me a good deal of bother. after thanking him, he said "be sure to tell folks in san francisco that a k'nd man from ozzie 'elped ye out."

so there you go. i've done as i promised....

interestingly enough, i recall a similar circumstance when i was walking on the edge of golden gate in the avenues...late 30s and irving. a young woman in tears walked up to me with a tourist map of san francisco. she was lost. i asked her to follow me to a thai restaurant that had chairs in front, sat her down, and called her a cab on my cell phone. she said in very broken english that her hotel was downtown. i also gave her a card with SF Yellow cab's number on it and i told her to use this number anytime she was stuck in SF. then i went into the restaurant and told the people that there was a lost italian lady outside and that i had called her a cab. they nodded and said that they would keep an eye on her.

sometimes, karma is a good thing.

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