Monday, June 16, 2008

potato overload

i am winding down and getting ready for bed. bedtime is a bit deceptive here as it is after 11pm in the evening and it just recently got dark. one of the funny things about my hotel room is the view i get in the morning and in the evening before dark....

i don't think i've ever stayed in a place where cows hang about in the morning and evenings. you can almost set your clock by them.

before i go to sleep, i just wanted to blog about the dinner i ordered from room service last night...

my starter was a broccoli stilton soup and the entree was the cheddar mushroom omelet with potatoes. it seems that every entree comes with potatoes.

while it was nice and filing, i have a feeling that i'm not going to be eating potatoes for a long time after i leave the uk. btw: did you know that the brits call baked potatoes "jackets"? so if you want a stuffed baked potato with broccoli and would be a "broccoli and cheese jacket". i think this is a perfect example of how americans and brits may speak english...yet, the way we use words to express ourselves can be remarkably different.

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