Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sens restaurant...in the embarcadero of all places

even when SN and i worked together by levi's strauss plaza, it never crossed our minds to have dinner in the embarcadero after work. so there was something a bit ironic about us meeting at sens for dinner this evening...especially since we both work from home and across the bay from each other. although, SN pointed out that sens wasn't around when we were working by levi's...so we aren't completely lame.

each year, SN and i go out for our birthdays. yet due to our conflicting travel schedules, we weren't really in town at the same point until now. the best part of any outing that we have is the catching up and seeing what is going on in each others lives....good food just underscores it. it is hard to believe that almost a lifetime ago we were assistants together just starting out and now, well, let's just say we both have good gigs.

i remember SN emailing me a while ago to say what a good dinner she and ON had...so when sens was on her list of places that she'd like to go for our b-day dinner.... i was all over it. i remember when i took a look at the website, it was the food porn from frankeny images that really stood out in my mind....absolutely beautiful shots. wow. (as an aside, if you have time, i recommend going to her site in general.)

as for the restaurant, i think what really stands out about sens are the appetizers...both the grilled octopus and monterey sardines were wonderful...

SN and i agreed that we could go to sens quite often, sit out on the patio and be really content with a multitude of appetizers, a glass of wine, some dessert...while enjoying the view of the ferry building. although SN already warned me that our next hang out will consist of take out and buffy. as i have mentioned before, SN is quite insistent that she can wear me down about accepting the buffy into my life.

btw: the service was very friendly, attentive, and to be quite frank, attractive. D, paid an extended visit to our table toward the end of our stay. it was his first day on the job and it looks like he is an ABD PhD candidate in anthropology at UCB....how's that for a lot of acronyms? yet it was the topic of his dis that really caught my attention....avian flu in nigeria. so, maybe this is the geek in me coming out, but i think that is quite an interesting topic. who knows? maybe i'll see his dis on the non-fiction table at cody's someday.

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Victoria said...

Sardines-- I bet you were in heaven. Looks yummy. Very yummy.