Tuesday, July 8, 2008

abita root beer

i think in a small way, DH is a bit disgusted with my pre-occupation with root beer. as a scotsman, his perspective seems to be more along the lines of "a beer is a beer and there should be no sugar or root (sassafras) anywhere near it". he just shook his head when i was so excited to find abita root beer.

over the years, i have have been to new orleans quite a few times and each time i go to new orleans, my agenda usually consisted of drinking abita beer and gallivanting about the town with multiple visits to trashy diva, cafe du mode, and snug harbor. although my alcohol tolerance isn't very high, i enjoyed sipping on an abita and i am a particular fan of the abita amber. yet, this was the first time i have ever seen abita root beer.

there is something a bit odd about finding abita root beer in a suburb of atlanta...however, i won't say that too loud in case the gods hear me and make all of the abita root beer disappear. naturally, i decided to buy it as soon as i saw it. yet, instead of drinking it right away, i decided to drink it as a reward for finishing a report.

now, hours later....it is past midnight in this massive suburb north of atlanta. i've finally sent off my report so i can actually begin to wind down for the evening. sipping away on the root beer and thoroughly enjoying it is absolutely helping me wind down. i find when i am super tired (as i am now) missing loved ones, pets, my kitchen, farmers markets, my own bed, and a temperate non-humid climate.... having a reward...even a simple one... is very very important.

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Victoria said...

You are almost home! Stay the course! Drink root beer!