Saturday, July 12, 2008


at lunch today, i had someone ask me if i was single. oddly enough, i'm finding that i have been fielding this particular question or variation thereof quite a bit recently. i'm not certain what it is about sitting at a table and eating with co-workers (yet still strangers) that allows people to feel comfortable asking personal questions.

my responses to this question and its variations include a small implish smile while i say "of course"...or a a true yet flippant remark like "there seems to be a lot of single people working at this company" with an almost gallic half shrug and a pursed set of lips.

yet, i suppose the question itself isn't is the meta message and assumption that sometimes comes with the question that is personal. the assumption is that i do not want to be single and i find this assumption to be quite odd. well, admittedly i find co-workers bringing up the subject to be just odd in general, but the assumptions are odd as well.

i wonder what would happen if i wasn't so diplomatic, light-hearted, or flippant? what would happen if i said what i really thought?

what would happen if i said "the loneliest feeling in the world is to be lonely when you are with someone."

do you think i would be able to eat my lunch in peace at that point?

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