Sunday, July 20, 2008

bún bò huế: a bright spot during a dreary day

it is a dreary day today. it is one of those overcast days that makes me wonder if it really is july. i actually didn't feel like leaving my place today due to the weather. yet, i really really really wanted to have some bún bò huế. it is funny... now, that i know where to get it (kim huong), i'm all about having it almost on a weekly basis. i practically did have it on a weekly basis before i left on my last trip. the spicy broth with thick round rice noodles and hearty slices of pork and beef... so yummmy....and such the ultimate comfort in a bowl. i find anytime i feel on the verge of (or actually, right smack in the middle of) not feeling well, then i crave spicy hot soup with a vengeance. i often imagine that the fire burns the sadness and other lurking bad stuff away. perhaps that is know....some mystical cure of warmth and spice. or perhaps it is all of the released endorphins reacting to the self inflicted pain. well, either way works for me.

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