Thursday, July 17, 2008

cherry crisis averted

i bought quite a bit of produce at berkeley bowl earlier this week. one of the very decadent purchases i made was a large amount of cherries. after i arrived home from berkeley bowl, i placed them in the fridge as i love super cold sweet cherries.

yet...alas...last night when i went into the fridge for a cherry treat, i took a couple and popped them into my mouth and was extremely surprised. you see, what happened was that there was an open bag of the very fragrant basil in the fridge right next to the cherries. so guess what i tasted when i ate one of the cherries?

basil flavored cherry.

i almost wanted to cry right on the spot. cherries are not exactly the cheapest fruit.

while a basil cherry citrus compote or relish may be intriguing on top of a brined piece of pan fried pork.... i was in the mood for fresh cherries....that tasted like pure cherry... not basil flavored fresh cherries. then i thought, "how can i save the cherries?" i decided to soak them in water overnight to see what would happen. really, what did i have to loose at this point?

this morning i did the taste test and alas, cherry crisis averted. no more basil notes! thank the gods that worked out.

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Victoria said...

Hmmm.... I think basil and cherries could be pretty good in a dessert... maybe.