Monday, July 7, 2008

dekab farmers market

after JS moved to atlanta a couple of years ago, he mentioned that he found a market that allowed him to get his fix of indian food (i.e., premade). this definitely peaked my curiosity and when JS mentioned that he wanted to stop by the market while i was visiting, i was all for it. JS said that he needed to stock up on some groceries and that his nephew needed to pick up a few things to make for dinner. his nephew has a job interview this week which consists of making a meal for the head chef at a local well known restaurant. i must admit that i had to snicker a bit to myself when i met his nephew for the first time. i remember JS talking about him quite a bit over the years ...the descriptions had been about a young boy...and now his nephew is taller than him!

despite my snickering at the height thing, i was not surprised to see JS looking out for his nephew by setting up the job interview and trying to support his nephew's desire to enter the culinary arts. it was nice to see JS get all "uncle-y" toward this young person on the cusp of manhood. yet, again, i wasn't surprised.

when we arrived at the dekab farmers market, i wasn't quite sure what to expect....yet, i was delighted when we stepped inside.

there was an extensive amount of fresh produce

pantry goods

bulk teas...

and dried foodstuff...

the crowd was also very diverse....a lot more diverse than what i had seen in downtown or midtown atlanta over the years....

oddly enough, it made me feel a bit better about JS being in know that he has access to a variety of foods and is not completely isolated food-wise. food, for me, is not just sustenance but also comfort and care. while he knows that my vote is for having him return to the sf bay area, i know that is a bit unrealistic given the costs of living. i suppose i can take some comfort in knowing that he has a reliable and consistent source of good food.

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