Friday, July 11, 2008

funny fortunes

"so what do you think of alpharetta?" asks JS quite cheekily since he already knows the answer.

you may have noticed that for the past few days i haven't really posted anything about food in alpharetta (aside from the abita root beer). there is a good reason for this conspicuous silence. i bet everyone can guess the reason.

the best part about being in alpharetta is the fact that everyone has been fairly hence no flashing, no dancing on table tops while yelling company slogans, no swats on the bum, no re-enactments the infamous janet jackson rolling stone cover, etc, etc.

there was a quiet, sedate, and sober group of us dining at a very busy local chain restaurant this evening. at this particular chain, they brought us fortune cookies at the end of the meal. i decided to take my fortune back to the hotel as i thought i was incredibly funny given some of my recent adventures....

i think i will be feeling "on top of the world" when i am safely home consuming mounds of fresh succulent produce, cups of creamy bitter dark hot chocolate, handfuls of unusual japanese pastries, slices of toasted upstairs bread, and huge bowls of bun bo hue.

i've noticed a shift in my eating pattern for the past week or so that i'm not crazy about. when i am home, i typically graze throughout the day and it helps keep my energy level up. since i have been traveling, i haven't really been able to graze so i find myself feeling very tired. this trip feels like it has dragged on and on.

it isn't even over yet. tomorrow i'm flying to a suburb of boston.

oh joy.

how exciting.

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