Saturday, July 5, 2008

good food on the 4th of july

i landed in altanta on thursday evening and am staying at the georgian terrance hotel for a few days.

JS was pretty much in charge of the 4th of july festivities. first up, he took me to breakfast at thumb's up.

thumb's up is a pretty popular spot. when we arrived we put his name on the list to get a table and then settled into a bench on the outside for about an hour. as you can imagine, it was very crowded. yet, i didn't see JS willing to wait unless it was worth it...and it totally was.

we sipped on our coffee as we reviewed the extensive menu.

what i really liked a lot was the ability to build your own breakfast by picking the components you really wanted. JS decided upon the fish and eggs. i decided upon the eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit, and waffle. it was a great breakfast to have while catching up on what was going on with each other. years ago, we did this almost everyday. i definitely miss those times.

after we finished up breakfast, a group of us went to a local chef's house for dinner. the very unique focal point of the meal was the pig. an entire pig had been buried with hot coals and had been smoldering for over 24 hours. it was unearthed a few minutes after we arrived....

for the dinner the chef and employees of two sister restaurants prepared a feast of pork,

coleslaw, pasta salad,

broccoli bake,

fresh baked bread (from the restaurant's bakery), and guacamole.

everything tasted wonderful and it was a very relaxing afternoon.

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