Friday, July 18, 2008

hell-fire salsa: how appropriate

well, i'm pretty certain that i still have a job.

i had a meeting with mr. french boss boss (i.e., the boss of my boss...hence he is "boss boss") today and was very honest about my impressions of my new company. normally, i keep those thoughts completely to myself and absolutely positively do not feel motivated to share them. yet, as mr. french knows me pretty well and recruited me to this new company...he knows that i don't usually volunteer that sort of information unless asked directly. so of course, he asked directly and set aside an hour to discuss. naturally, nothing is more pleasant than squirming in the hot seat for an hour and wondering if you're still going to have a job at the end of it.

now, it is one thing to be so honest with mr french boss boss...but when he said that he'd like me to monitor the market and not be afraid to be provocative and say what i really think to the rest of the exec team on a quarterly basis, my initial thought was "bloody hell". i suppose all of this time around brits is starting to rub off. hmmm, maybe i'll also start saying everything is "brill-i-ant" or "fan-tas-tic" as well. anyway, i'm not certain what your experience, dear hearts, has been with execs...but my experience with execs is something a kin to tip toeing through a mine field. i think i've survived in my current iteration of my service-oriented career by providing execs with the information they need without inserting my personal agenda or perspective. call it a survival tactic when surrounded by super intense people with strong personalities ...who have the power to fire you on the spot.

now armed with the project initiative of presenting possibly unpopular and provocative (i.e., which is likely just another word for unpopular) perspectives to the exec team is a bit like trying to walk through hell without any demons noticing. this is why i think munching on hell-fire salsa is sooooo appropriate today. i enjoy eating the salsa straight for the full kick...but i also enjoy sticking cubes of rip avocado into it (see above), creamy, and just want you need to get the blood if meetings with the boss boss wasn't enough to do so.

for those of you who haven't had hell-fire salsa, it is a local product from happy jackal...they are based in santa cruz and, unlike many so-called hot salsas, hell-fire salsa really is spicy hot. i think the habeneros may have something to do with it. just a guess.

oh, and in keeping with the "hell-fire" theme....i'll also be seeing hellboy (oh yeah!) later this evening as well. quite, serendipitous, don't you think?

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