Saturday, July 19, 2008

late start

today was quite the lazy day. i did absolutely no work today and it felt really good. i think i absolutely needed a break. my body definitely let me know this when i didn't get out of bed today until 11:30am. after creeping out of my warm and cozy bed, i puttered around my kitchen. while i was puttering around, i left a message for CW letting him know that i was finally awake and to give me a ring before he headed on over. we had made plans to see the dark knight (i.e., batman) today. i wasn't about to be so lazy that i'd miss out on a chance to go see christian bale as batman. intense interpretation. very intense. i'm not afraid to admit that i like intense.

anyway, as i puttered around my kitchen looking for my well as waiting for my brain to fully wake up.... i initially decided upon melted parmesan on top of toasted upstairs bread....

yet, once it was "ready, i changed my mind. i decided that parm and cheese alone just wasn't going to do it and i wanted something i added some smashed avocado.....

but that still wasn't enough. this just shows how my decision process gets all whacked when i'm am woozy from sleep and know that i really don't have to wake up. if i have to wake up....for like work or something like that...then the brain synapses go into "red alert" mode....but if i know that i don't really have to be awake...well, lets just say that i end up being in state that is a step up or two from a sleep walking zombie.

in my zombie like state, i thought "what else should i add to the parm and avocado?"....then inspiration hit and i went for the arugula and a couple of cherry tomatoes.

it was perfect. just a perfect start to a late day.

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