Friday, July 18, 2008

local kitchen and wine merchant: a soma restaurant

BF and DB had been talking about local for a few weeks before my various trips around the states and uk. they seemed to enjoy it each time they went and it seemed to be quite popular with other folks in their soma building. it is hard to believe that it has probably been about a month since the last time i saw BF. time goes by very quickly. perhaps a bit too quickly. i think this is the longest time i've gone without seeing him for a few years now.... so when BF suggested that we all go to local for dinner, i was extremely agreeable.

after thursday evening's experience, i can completely understand why
they enjoy it so much. the location is a bit odd. one would never think that this place even exists off of 1st and folsom in soma....especially from the outside.

this street doesn't exactly say "hey...chic modern restaurant here!" yet, once inside the building.... the look-and-feel is very nice. it is very tasteful and modern....and the food was quite good.

i ordered the fries with shaved parmesan and truffle oil (see picture above) as well as the charcuterie plate as my starter... (hey i was hungry).....

and then had the fresh pasta with a spicy bolognese

i copied BF because he always gets this dish when visiting local. i think the next time i pay a visit to local, i may order the bolognese again as well. i absolutely love the spice of their sauce. at so many places...the bolognese has no spice...yet, this sauce had the spice as well as the meltingly tender nubs of meat. yum yum.

DB ordered a yummy pizza with mushrooms, arugula, green olives and garlic.....DB let me have a slice...and i must say that the combination works very well.

overall, it was a lovely evening....great company and great food. i'm a lucky foodie.

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