Sunday, July 6, 2008

lunch before the thunderstorm

today, DH and i had a pretty mellow afternoon. we checked out of the georgian terrace around noonish and headed over to baraonda cafe italiano for a small bite to eat. we sat at an adorable table on their outside patio. i started with the arugula salad which was very good

and DH started with the insalata caprese

next up were our entrees....i ordered the crab ravioli in a spicy sauce...

and DH ordered the halibut....

i was surprised when DH was quite insistent that i take pictures of his dishes as well. he has no idea that the foodie hunter blog even exists and i mean to keep it that way. he just thinks my taking pictures of food is an odd part of my personality and feels like he is indulging me. while we were in san antonio, he asked me a couple of times why i take so many pictures of food. i responded truthfully, by saying "it allows me to stay in the moment and remember the moment." yet, i said nothing about the foodie hunter blog, even though it has been a wonderful outlet for me.

i suppose it is lying isn't it? sort of. it is lying by omission i suppose. i feel half guilty and half not about it. the guilty half was really present when DH said "your thing is definitely food."

i thought to myself "oh well. i suppose i'll just have to live with the guilt."

after we finished our ravioli and halibut, it began to rain and rain very hard. then the thunder and lighting came. i very much doubt that the thunder and lightening had anything to do with my lying by omission, but it was quite serendipitous don't you think?

it was raining so hard that we eventually had to move inside. we decided to wait out the storm by drinking some coffee and tea....and kept ourselves entertained by watching the exuberant souls dance about on the wet floats for the atlanta pride parade. again, another sign about being open, free, and proud. i couldn't help but admire the courage of the souls who decided to declare themselves so openly in the south. it is one thing to be that free in the san francisco bay is quite another to declare yourself in the south.

dear hearts, i can almost hear the question "did these bold acts of nature inspire me toward repenting my ways and come clean about the blog?"

of course not.

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