Wednesday, July 16, 2008

lychee frozen yogurt

i took a late lunch break today but, oddly enough, i was having a difficult time deciding what i wanted to eat. you'd think it would have been easy to decide as i haven't eaten downtown in a while. yet, i suppose my difficulty in choosing had something to me munching on spicy blue corn tortilla chips with hellfire salsa for a substantial amount of time before exiting my place.

hmmmmm. that must have been it, huh?

well, i was on a mission...a mission to get outside for at least a few minutes today....appreciate being outside....

and eating something so i won't be starving at 7pm or so...when i am in the middle of trying to finish off a report. so, i just headed south through downtown and thought... "i've got to find something that sounds appealing".

as i walked through downtown, i decided to pay yogurt harmony a visit. it has been ages since i've been. i went almost twice a week when it first opened. then, maybe... once a every other week or so.

while i typically get a small plain yogurt with no toppings when i visit yogurt harmony, i decided to branch out today. one of the flavors they were offering today was lychee. now, i definitely like lychee. yet, i had never had it in a frozen concoction before. hmmm. i decided to really branch out and get the lychee frozen yogurt with mango topping.

it was really yummy. i think the lychee frozen yogurt was just the thing i needed to peak my curiosity and my appetite.

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Victoria said...

Somebody is glad to be home.