Tuesday, July 1, 2008

schilo's: german american deli in san antonio

this morning, i wanted to try a new route to the convention center. at the last minute, i decided to walk down commerce street instead of market street. i had been walking down market for the last couple of days and definitely wanted to try something new. yet, as i was walking down commerce street, i found myself side stepping aggressive adolescents begging for money, homeless, as well as store owners washing piss and vomit from the sidewalk. this of course, contributed to the sour stench in the air. with each step, i kept wondering "did i make a mistake? will the next block be better?".... to my surprise, i saw this deli called schilo's that looked very interesting. it looked like it was an old-fashioned kind of place. later on, when DH asked where i wanted to go to lunch, i said "i think i know where to take you..."

it was very refreshing when we walked inside. it is obviously not a chain restaurant and has an old world yet homey feel to it.

DH and i sat ourselves down and took a look at the menu. the menu was a bit of a surprise. the best way to describe it would be german-influenced american diner food. i have never seen anything like it. there were many things that sounded appealing. DH decided upon the burger ..and i decided upon their very yummy homemade root beer served in a frosty glass...

which DH had a sip of and made a wickedly surprised face. i laughed so hard. DH being a scotsman .... he's never heard of root beer before. he wasn't expecting it to be so sweet.

as the body cannot subsist on root beer alone...i also ordered a patty melt and a side of cole slaw...

their patty melt comes with a well-done patty, bacon, and swiss cheese on dark rye. it was pretty good.

both DH and i enjoyed the lunch. i think it was well worth my morning journey down commerce street to find it. it is a nice relief to know when you are near the san antonio convention center....you don't have to go to a chain restaurant! it is extremely comforting to find a homey place with friendly service. our server indulged me while i was taking pictures and even suggested that i pick up a menu on the way out for my scrapbook. i think i'll be visiting schilo's again before DH and i head for atlanta.

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