Monday, July 28, 2008

a simple lunch

i am attempting to make a deadline. i have a feeling that i'll be thinking, writing, and/or saying those words an awful lot in this new job. the fact that midnight in ca is 8am in the uk....well, that makes things even more interesting. for my lunch today, i wanted something filling, salty, spicy, quick, and relatively healthy. hmmmm, a seemingly tall order don't you think?

since i have been back from the uk, i realized that i had gotten out of the habit of making quinoa. i decided to remedy that today and made the super grain the basis of my meal. as accompaniments, i decided up on some braised kale (from riverdog farm of course) and some boiled eggs (organic brown cage free). as you can probably see, the eggs were seasoned a bit...with nuoc mam and chili flakes (gotta get my salty and spicy in there). it was exactly what i needed and helped me from just eating toast (or some variation thereof) all day.

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Victoria said...

Mmmmmm.....that looks good.