Thursday, July 17, 2008

snacking away on summer fruit salad...

i typically dislike ordering fruit salad from a restaurant or deli as what often passes for "fruit salad" often consists of huge cubes of under ripe melon, maybe two halves of a hard strawberry, and if you are really lucky....a few tasteless blueberries.

yet, making a fruit salad at home is completely different. it elevates the humble fruit salad into a "destination" kind of event. it also allows one to be a bit flexible and creative....depending on the ingredients at hand.

today, i started out with cutting up a santa rosa plum, a plucot, an apricot...along with a handful of cherries.....

then as i was putting it together, i remembered that i also had some blueberries as well....and these blueberries are quite tasteful. aren't the colors pretty and inviting?

after i assembled the fruit together and drizzled on some agave...i was about to walk away from the counter with my pretty plate of fruit and thought....why not have some yogurt too? there is enough fruit to make a yogurt dish as well as a fruit salad. so back to fridge i went to whip up the fruit and yogurt dish.....

this is where making this sort of dish at home is really handy. when inspiration is quite easy to accommodate it. both the yogurt and the salad were very nice snacks.

i ended up eating the yogurt right away and then picked at the salad for at least an hour or so. every time i took a bite i kept thinking "yum yum for my tum tum". i love munching away on yummy stuff while i'm working.

it is so good to be home.

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