Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tea and toast

well today started off quite nicely. as my body is still on eastern standard time, i had no problems starting the work day at 6:30am pacific...which was a good thing since my first meeting was at 7am. i have a feeling that this schedule is going to become a part of my regular work day. if i start my day between 6:30-7 than that gives me a couple of hours to work with the uk-based team.

yet, one of the effects of being "go-go-go" so early (there seems to be no such thing as "transition-from-sleepy-to-wake-up-time") is that i'm extremely hungry by 10am. being extremely hungry led me to turn to a tried-and-true standby....and that is of course, toasted acme upstairs bread. i really missed my daily bread and all of wonderful delicious toppings that complement it.

today, i decided to put st. andre brie on top of the toasted upstairs bread. hey, why not start off the day with a bit of decadence? yet, as i was spreading the brie upon the bread, i realized that i could add a chiffonade of basil. i had purchased some wonderfully fragrant basil from berkeley bowl yesterday. i never had brie with basil before, but why not try it?

i assembled everything and decided to consume my toast with a cup of black tea.

after taking a bite i realized that this was a good experiment. the pungent salty savoriness of the rich creamy brie was complemented by the fresh earthy green tones of the basil. each bite provided different levels of flavor....sometimes the brie was stronger...sometimes the basil. the warm tea was surprising good with the toast as well.

overall, a good start to my day. it is soooo good to be home.
dear hearts, please be patient. i have a feeling i'll be saying this quite a lot over the next few postings.

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