Tuesday, July 29, 2008

toasted disappointment

it looks good doesn't it? well, today was a lesson in that it absolutely does matter what the ingredients are.... particularly when one is making simple foods.

i decided to veer away from well known loves today and try a new bread. it is a gruyere cheese bread (which sounds pretty good doesn't it?) from a berkeley bakery. my suspicion was aroused when i sliced into the dark round. first up, i realized just how light the bread was...particularly for the size (i didn't realize this in the store as i was carrying quite a lot of things at the time). then, as i looked at the fresh slice of bread....it....well...it just looked a bit odd. it looked like wonder bread. i poked at the slice...it didn't have the spring or bubbles of a typical artisan bread. i smelled it. it didn't have a particular toasty or yeasty or hearty aroma....it just smelled of gruyere cheese. the cheese that was melted on top of the round....there was no cheese folded into the round. hmmmm. interesting.

my instincts were blaring. i had a moment. i thought to myself..."hmmmm, i don't know if i should even bother toasting this. my instinct tells me that this isn't going to be a good idea." but then i thought, attempting to placate my instincts.... "i should try new things and be a bit more open minded."

now, i'm not exactly monogamous when it comes to bread...there are quite a few bakeries (i.e., acme, grace, semifreddi, cheese board breads...just to name a few) that i seem to turn to again and again. my primary love is, of course, the acme upstairs bread.

however, i think sometimes venturing out and trying something new is a good thing. in this case, it made me appreciate the spongy chewy breads from the my loved bakeries.

you know what? i think today was also a lesson that sometimes it is a good idea to trust one's instincts. i doubt that i'll even make bread crumbs from this bread.

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