Friday, July 11, 2008

where am i again?

so i think today is friday and i am somewhere near boston.

on my way to the hotel, i was feeling a bit punchy....and decided to take some random shots

as well as pop some gummies

as soon as i got into the room, i had a major dilemma.

do i work in my room and go to the hotel restaurant for lunch? or do i take the hotel shuttle to the local T station and actually go into boston proper?

while i actually really like boston quite a bit....i was feeling (and still am) quite tired. i decided to pay a visit to the hotel restaurant and see what kind of food they serve. i was pleasantly surprised.... there was a lunch buffet that didn't look too bad

so i grabbed some scoops of rice, skirt steak, pasta, and various veggies....

and sat down at my table....there was a really nice view of the river....

then i found out that they were closing down the buffet so i decided to grab a bunch of the dessert options...

i think i went a bit overboard. don't you?

yet, i'm glad i did. after all of that....i started to feel a bit better. i think the past couple of weeks has been challenging....not just because i feel like i've been away from home for a long time, but also because i haven't had a lot of "down time" until today. i think the closest i had to downtime recently was when JS and i were at thumb's up.

someone once said to me "i'm the type of person that gets energized being around people..for you, being around people sucks you dry." i think that is an accurate assessment when it comes to hanging out with strictly work people. traveling for work includes work during the day as well as business socializing in the evening....and that for me, is quite exhausting.

right now, i am actually feeling almost happy. i'm sequestered in my hotel and the bed is inviting and super comfy...

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