Thursday, August 28, 2008

almost there...

well, there goes the last of the leftover vindaloo. i'm not incredibly broken up about it as i still have some more leftovers....remember, i completely over-ordered takeout from biryani house. it will tide me over until i get to the slow food conference....i cannot wait for the slow food conference. it is my shinning beacon at the end of the tunnel. i think DH was probably wondering why i said i couldn't work or fly to the UK this weekend. if he knew (which he doesn't) then he may think i'm kinda nutz...but then, i don't think he has the same passion for food that i do.

re: good... mr french boss boss just signed off on one of the i suppose we'll see next week if some of my potentially provocative (i.e., unpopular) analysis is going to go over. maybe it will be good that i won't be in the room when it happens...or even the same continent.

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