Thursday, August 21, 2008

braising tofu

although i obviously will have a lot of pork sugo to get through the next week, i cannot subsist on solely pork sugo (as much as i would like to). one of the snacks i've been making for myself on-and-off recently is braised tofu. this is perhaps one of my favorite ways of making and eating tofu. i'll typically braise it in different broths for at least an hour if not longer. even as i type the words to this posting, i can smell the thai green curry broth that is bubbling away on my stove. it won't be ready for a hence i'm showing you shots of some braised tofu that i made a few days earlier.

one of the reasons why i love braised tofu is that it reheats wonderfully. the braised tofu that i made a couple of days ago was braised for just under two hours in a broth that consisted of tom yum paste and nuoc mam. yummmo.

in order to ensure that the tofu can withstand the longish braising time (well longish for tofu anyway), i use the extra firm nigari tofu. i also peek into the pot about every half an hour to see how things are progressing. once the cubes expand about 15-20% (about an hour), i do a taste test to see how well the flavor has penetrated the tofu. sometimes the tasting is also a part of the fun.

sigh. i do think that i have an awful lot of pork sugo sauce to get through.
actually, i have a feeling some of it will be going into the freezer this evening after i eat my braised tofu.

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