Monday, August 4, 2008

chocolate bridges

so it is a bit late.

today was my relaxing-and-i'm-absolutely-doing-no-work-day. DH knew this as well as i've received some emails from him that had the post script of "please do not do this during the weekend". i laughed when i read that on my blackberry. i only opened the emails from him as i wanted to make certain there weren't any "emergencies" to attend to. thankfully, no work emergencies and hence, today was very relaxing. i didn't even...
gasp... go to the market. today consisted mostly of sleeping and grazing away on various fruity snacks and home made conserves (nectarine habanero is another winner btw) on toast. it is good to be home.

while i know that i needed to catch up on my sleep....i now find myself in the position of not being the least bit tired and work begins in a few hours. sigh.

i'll have been with this company for two months once august 9th gets here. has it really two months? well almost two months anyway. it is difficult to believe that i was in blackburn about two months ago. i heard late last week that there is a possibility that i'll be off to blackburn again in september. hmmmmm. it is my hope that my next trip to blackburn will have significantly less drama. while i do not want to have a repeat of that taking-3-days-to-just-get-there adventure, there were a couple of positive moments that i was glad to have.

one morning, about a couple of months ago, i was on a plane at sfo that was scheduled to leave around 10ish to chicago o'hare. i was then scheduled to catch a connection from chicago to manchester, england. what i and my fellow passengers did not know while we were being loaded onto the plane was that there were some mechanical difficulties with the plane. so we sat in the plane for more than a couple of hours.

fun times.

it was one of those adventures when we kept hearing every 15 minutes that "we should be leaving in about another 15 minutes". sigh. at one point, they said that the passengers could leave to grab snacks as long as they would be back in... wait for it... 15 minutes. i decided to go and one of my row/seat mates (there were three of us in the row) said she'd watch my bags for me since she didn't feel like leaving. i thought she and the other guy in my row were kinda nutty for not taking the opportunity to grab more food, but that was their decision.

as i scurried around getting my food, i also spontaneously decided to get some scharffen berger chocolate for my row mates. looking back, i'm not certain what came over me. i'm not exactly the friendliest person you would ever meet (unless...i decide that i like you of course..which is often a carefully vetted process). yet, at this point, we had been sitting on the plane for over an hour and a half. we were strangers, but i remember thinking that "it wouldn't hurt to have a bit of chocolate to make things be a bit more pleasant". so i bought it and when i got back to the row of seats, i dispensed the chocolate. the looks on their faces were priceless. they were quite shocked but quite happy to get the chocolate. the guy, who was in town for the escape from alcatraz triathlon, in particular said that this just confirmed that people from the bay area are so friendly. now it was my turn to be very surprised. he said that he was from new york and this doesn't happen to him back home.

the result of my spontaneous buy shifted the mood considerably. it made the waiting a bit more bearable for all of us. a moment of kindness and sharing of food made quite a difference. interestingly enough, once we had finally taken off and our flight was row mates decided to make their own offers of sharing their hordes of food throughout the trip. so, there we were. three strangers from different places (the bay area, the midwest, and the east coast) at different stages of our journey...bridged together through food.

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