Friday, August 15, 2008

feast for friday

i had a veritable feast this afternoon. i think i needed it. i feel like i'm fending off this creeping sadness that would like nothing more for me to just curl up in bed and forget. sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night...disoriented in the dark....i do forget.....i think i am somewhere else. that though, just makes me more sad. for so many different and conflicting reasons. like how can i be happy for my life now and sad at the same time? for my super analytical logical doesn't really compute. someone said...a while ago... that i can't treat my emotions like i'm parsing code.

it really would make things so much easier.

sadness is kind of funny that way. it likes to remind you that it is still there sometimes. just when you think it might be ok...that it has taken its tithe of time and memory... it decides to envelope you a bit unexpectedly.

i think there are many people that do not see or taste the healing power of food. i am definitely not one of those people. there is something about it...the balance of flavors....the "listening" to your body...finding the foods that you need. do you need warmth? do you need soothing? do you need a resounding crunch or a subversive crispiness? smooth custardy textures perhaps? how about the saltiness..the heartiness? do you need tastes of remembrance? or comfort? what is it that you need? these are all things i think about when it comes to healing and food. i don't just do this for myself, i also do this for loved you likely already know, and perhaps have already experienced.

today was a feast of pepper, spice, and sweetness....of soft savoriness with a crunch.

the first course was an arugula salad with fresh figs and ricotta salata. the dressing was a bit of an experiment.....rice wine vinegar, hazelnut oil, agave, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper. it was superb for this salad. the pepperiness of the arugula, the sweetness of the figs, the saltiness of the salata...all complemented with the sweet, sour, and nutty dressing. it was absolutely lovely.

here is an even closer shot...

the next course consisted of ripe chunks of avocado, seasoned with freshly ground dried chili pepper (i'm experimenting with a mix of dried cayenne, habanero, and black pepper at the moment) and salt....

then i chopped some organic cherry tomatoes......the bright colors are amazing......doesn't that look absolutely lovely....

and mixed it together to put it on some toasted acme upstairs bread.

the combination of softness with a crunch. i think texture in food is extremely important and is often underrated.

at the last minute, i decided to smash some avocado on a second that it was more like spread...and then placed three slices of hot salami on it.

it was all very yummy and just what i needed. the sadness is still there...yet it just makes things a bit easier to bear.

good night.

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