Saturday, August 9, 2008

food and families

food and families.

somehow those words really do seem to be a pair. the word, "family", in particular means quite a bit to me. sometimes this word has connotations of blood connections....sometimes it does not. the definition of family to not bound particularly by blood...but rather a group of individuals bound by shared love, respect, and commitment to emotional intimacy. like many things in life, family to me is a choice.

a choice in my actions. a choice to be emotionally present. a choice to be "there" despite not knowing what the future will bring.

this has been on my mind quite a bit recently...seeing so many of you dear hearts for random restaurant visits, birthdays, celebrations of life changing events, etc... all over some sort of nosh and nibble. the meet ups....the catch ups.....the "what-is-going-on-in-your-life" conversations....all underscored and complemented by food.

today was yet another event, where connections through food were quite present. it started with waking up and AC making everyone pancakes.

i completely admit that i absolutely positively suck at making pancakes. whatever skill one has to have for making good pancakes.... i just don't have it...very similar to my complete lack of skill at flirting. whatever that skill is too, i don't have it. i think it is best to be just up front about certain personal deficiencies. AC, as you can see, is not lacking in the pancake making skill

and i'm guessing that he is good at the flirting one or else DC wouldn't have married him. after breakfast was complete, then the rest of the day was spent on the preparations for ECs birthday, we gathered farmers market produce to make salads

as well as clipping of basil in the backyard for one of the casseroles......

there was a lot of homey kinds of food consisting of pasta casseroles, fresh fruit, cheeses, and such. solid simple food.

yet probably the most exciting aspect for the birthday girl was the not-so-simple homemade nemo cake. KC really did an excellent job on the cake...and the frosting was her mother's recipe.

this is something one doesn't see everyday (unless you are watching the food network i suppose). i bet that cake helped create a stand out memory for everyone. yet, another connection through food.

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