Friday, August 22, 2008

"get off the phone and go socialize"


absolutely priceless.

earlier this afternoon, DH and i were talking on the phone about some the projects we will be working on this weekend as well as the meeting with the big cheese (aka ceo) next week. well, it was afternoon for me...but it was about 8:30pm in the uk. he was calling me on the way to the pub with some friends. about 20 minutes into the call, i heard his fiancee say "get off the phone and go socialize".

i had to snicker a bit. priceless. absolutely priceless. to be fair, in the uk, it appears to really be frowned upon to work beyond the "typical work" hours. although, DH does some pretty chaotic hours, i have a feeling that is not exactly the norm. i also have a feeling that my hearing her say that to him wasn't exactly ideal. oh well.

after we hung up, i went to reheat some braised tofu i made last night....this time i braised it in a thai green curry broth...and it, as i indicated yesterday, reheated wonderfully. it was a good lunchtime snack.

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