Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hmmmmm....another surprise

i noticed that pre-made spicy chocolate (i.e., hot chocolate, brownies, etc.) products are never spicy enough for me. there was always this moment of anticipation and then the inevitable disappointment. how...well.... disappointing. so i decided to change that and made myself some cayenne brownies a couple of days ago. yummmo. they were gooood. VF tried some and i believe i obtained the seal of approval....but as she aptly pointed out...they are not for everyone, especially not for those without a pretty good spice tolerance.

well, today, there was a little bit of brownie left. sniffle sniffle. i wanted to give it a proper send off. what to pair it with? this question is one i seem to be asking myself on almost a daily basis these days. after a moment or two of reflection, i decided to pair it with a plucot pudding that i had made last night. i am extremely happy with my plucot pudding...i used about 4 times more homemade conserve than i did with the blackberry pudding, blended the plucot with some silken tofu, and
voilĂ ... i have an amazing snack that think will be a part of my regular routine. it is that good.

so why not add these two experiments together and see what happens? i already knew that spicy heat and plucots go well together in a conserve...so why not try it with chocolate? fruit and chocolate...hmmm....i think sweet tart fruits and chocolate go very well together.

and you know what? they really do. what a surprise! no disappointment in sight.

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