Wednesday, August 6, 2008

luncheon leftovers

well, here is evidence that i don't eat toast 24/7. although, from my blog, i could see why folks would think so. as i was noshing away on a surprisingly early lunch (does that make it brunch?) of leftover spicy thai green curry with brown rice, i thought about how taking "leftovers" home from a restaurant appears to be a completely foreign concept to those "across the pond".

i've heard from many britons that they think americans are quite odd about taking leftover restaurant food home. interestingly enough, they most often mentioned our "odd quirk" after bemoaning how much they are gaining weight living in the states because of american-sized restaurant portions (note: i was in the south when i heard this the most... it didn't seem like the small plates thing was too big in the south).

well, if portions are so large....which they really can be depending on where you are in the it not more economical to just take the leftovers home for a later lunch? or dinner? it seems quite practical to me. yet, for the britons appeared more practical to eat everything on the plate even though they were already stuffed. now, if you ask me, that seems a bit quirky.

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