Thursday, August 7, 2008

meat me

admittedly, i was a bit curious about where mp wanted to go to lunch today. mp said that she made reservations for our lunch, yet, of all of the places on 4th street.... i was absolutely not expecting us to walk to cafe rouge.
well, i think we've already established that mp is a vegetarian....and well, cafe rouge is pretty much well known for their meat. i was a bit worried when we sat down. i kept thinking..."is there going to be anything that mp can eat here?"

naturally, i shouldn't have worried as mp already looked at the menu online.

of course.

so with that concern put aside... we munched on bread and i drank blood orange herbal tea out of a gigantic cup

while we were waiting for our main courses to turn up.

mp ordered the capellini pasta with cranberry beans and i dived into my sausage sandwich plate...which was a homemade bratwurst (yum) and homemade picked onions and green beans (super yum). there was also a regular (and good) homemade pickle that was the right amount of sweet and sour.

for dessert, we split the panna cotta. it was a bit heavier and more dense than most panna cottas that either of us have had before...

the consistency of the panna cotta reminded me of a flan that is made with condensed milk...but the panna cotta was good. overall, i think the entire trip was a very lovely surprise.

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