Friday, August 29, 2008

quackity quack quack

earlier today, this is what appeared on my twitter stream

"foodiehunter i'm free! i'm free! i'm in serious need of some retail therapy. maybe some duck soup too. quackity quack quack."

obviously, i had to burn off some steam. this time (unlike the last time i burned off some serious steam) i didn't end up in a pool fully clothed (that is a story for another time....just look for the heading "what will it take you to get into the pool?" sometime in the future). this time, i went-a-shopping. it was fun. so frivolous. nothing remotely heavy or analytical. just light and fluffy.

by the time i arrived to the noodle joint off of union square, i was pretty lighted headed as well.... since i hadn't eaten anything at that point. i think i was so damn excited to not be working. don't get me wrong, i'm still lovin' the new job and all. it is know... working til 3am ish (although last night i stopped at 10:30pm woohoo) for over seven days gets kinda hard on the body...especially when you aren't getting the full 6-8 hours in. so hence, my excitement.

at the noodle joint, i ordered my usual...the roast duck noodle soup with egg noodles...and loaded it up with chilis and began slurping away....

perfecto. i'm bouncing around in my chair right now just remembering it. sigh.

dear hearts, to give you all a very good idea of what my mindset is right now, i'll show you one of my purchases....

can you believe i bought these?

purple suede pumps with pink accents.


this is me we are talking about here.

where, you know, my colors are usually black, black, more black, with a little white (maybe. sometimes. almost never.) thrown in....and well, admittedly red for the more appropriate occassions. yet, before you fall over in shock, no worries, they were only $25 bucks.


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Charlisimo said...

I want to see you in those shoes!!!