Sunday, August 24, 2008

racing toward deadlines...

officially back on coffee...well, at least until friday. i'm actually racing toward some deadlines at the moment and wanted to take a much needed break. oh, coffee, how i have missed you so. it has been years and years since i've had more than a sneak sip here and there. oh, how difficult it will be to set you aside once more.

well, last night as i was working until 3am (yup, 3am), i realized around midnight that i would need to stop drinking coffee but there was quite a lot left in the french press....and i had made blue bottle coffee. it seemed a bit blasphemous to just pour it down the drain. i mean, really! then i decided to experiment a bit...(at midnight of course). i put the rest of the coffee into a small sauce pain and added some hazelnut agave. then i slid some soft silken tofu into the mixture, let it simmer for about 35-45 minutes, and put it all in the fridge once it cooled down.

while it doesn't exactly look incredibly pretty....i'm eating it for a snack right now...and, looks aside, it is pretty good. it is like having a coffee custard...more like a coffee asian flan like custard. those who have had "flan" from an asian deli will know exactly the consistency i am talking about. hmmm, who knew what kind of inspiration i'd get in the middle of the night?

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