Monday, August 11, 2008

a solicitation

an odd thing happened right before i made my lunch today...i was solicited on skype (note...this was under my real name and not my foodie hunter persona). it was a bit jarring to see that note come up that said "hi, this is Eugenie. I'm really looking for new friends. U can look at me here: [insert obvious url which included xsexy20 in it]".

i bet there are some poor souls out there that actually click on the link....goodness knows what gets installed on their computers.

i suppose i have gotten used to spam via email and just delete it. yet, it was a bit odd to have a message pop up from someone obviously not on my contact for the first time, i used the skype block user function. the unsolicited message definitely motivated me to figure out the block option asap. after that was completed, i thought it would be a good time to make myself a quick lunch.

lunch ended up being one of those random experiments that actually turned out ok.

one of my common comfort dishes that i can make really quickly consists of an egg scramble with green onions, garlic, and nuoc mam. then the egg scramble is eaten with rice or lately, quinoa for a pretty filling lunch or late dinner. yet, today, i decided to experiment a bit....and it became "fusion" food instead of childhood comfort food. the variation today was the addition of shiitake mushrooms and a couple of tablespoons of hell-fire salsa.

i had no idea if this was going to turn out ok. i just decided to add it because i had a couple of tablespoons left in the container.... i didn't want to waste it (oh the blasphemy)....and i was thinking of adding some cayenne to the eggs anyway. the big question was...would the salsa flavor clash with the nuoc mam? i was thinking that it probably wouldn't since tomatoes, chili, garlic, and cilantro are all flavors that have been used in vietnamese cooking (although i've really only had one dish where the prominent flavor was tomatoes...but anyway)....and nuoc mam is the basis of many vietnamese dishes. yet, it was still a risk. a particularly high level risk since i was pretty hungry by the time the eggs were cooking.

i remember thinking "is this going to be one of those experiments that i don't blog about?" as i was taking a couple of shots of the finished product. well, i eat a lot of food everyday...and i'll bet you've noticed that i actually don't blog about each meal. sometimes the experiments don't really turn out according to plan. yet, this time, it actually turned out pretty tasty. pretty lucky don't you think?

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