Tuesday, August 26, 2008

taking a break

ok. i'm tired. really tired.

i am feeling so tired that i didn't really feel like eating today. you know i'm tired when the foodie hunter isn't really feeling like eating. yet, i know if i don't eat, i'll just get more tired. vicious little cycle.

i also knew that i needed to leave my place today, even if it is just for a few moments...just for a change in scenery. so i walked to biryani house to get some dinner to go. i totally over-ordered. oh well, lots of leftovers for me this week. the food here is what i think of "fast food indian"...not the true fast food (i.e., chaat ...reminds me, i need to get over to vic's to have some chaat)..but it is pretty good, particularly for the price. everyone is usually really nice too. did i mention that i'm tired? jez, i'll be glad when friday afternoon gets here.

so while i was at biryani house, i sat there with my chai,

just thinking. not really reading, but just thinking.

thinking about things like how i'd really like to read jumper, if i had the energy. i remember the moment i knew that i wanted to read this book. ironically, the moment happened while i was watching the movie in a theatre. it was the moment where the main character "jumps" from a bad situation at home and ends up in the public library. interesting isn't it? that the place that the character felt the most secure and safe was among rows and rows of books. it was at that moment that i thought, i'm going to read that book. now, i just have to find the time and energy.

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