Sunday, August 10, 2008

un lun dun

today has been a "relax and do nothing" kind of day. yesterday, was a bit of a flurry of cooking and such for the party, so hence today is my day of "rest". when i can find the time, one of my favorite activities is to curl up and read a sci-fi/fantasy novel.

i've been keeping the food super simple today. what does that mean? toast of course. today has been munching on spicy (used quite the heavy hand with the cayenne) roasted organic mini shiitake mushrooms and garlic on toasted acme levain bread. yummmm. one of my simple stand-by dishes.

quite a nice complement to reading china meiville's un lun dun (for those not familiar with the book think un-london). it is a very imaginative book. the author takes certain sci-fi/fantasy plot formulas and...well.... "evolves" them. you know, i'm not certain if that "evolves" is the right word. yet, it is the best that i can do at the moment. it was a very interesting book. it says a lot about assumption, destinies, the environment, preconceptions, etc.. yet, the "main character", to me...really isn't the main character. i actually felt little to no emotional attachment to her...i'm not certain if this was deliberate or not. for me, the main character or the most intriguing aspects was un lun dun itself and un lun dun's inhabitants. yet, is this a book that i will re-read and treasure like ender's game or pullman's dark materials? no. yet, i'm glad that i read it.

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