Friday, September 5, 2008

back on toast

this was absolutely delish.

i needed something fast, filling, and comfy for an early lunch today. i was on an early conference call with the uk for a couple of hours, so by the time the call ended...i was absolutely ravenous. you can't exactly snack on a conference call when you are the one that is suppose to be doing most of the there was no "mute n' snack" option for me this morning.

i started with a slice of nicely toasted acme upstairs bread. i love adore this bread. i'm certain you already know this since i've blogged so much about it. carb phobic i am not. anyway, with my lovely toasted slice of acme upstairs bread in hand....i vigorously rubbed almost an entire garlic clove into its tiny holes and crevices and then quickly topped the toast with some organic mayo, chunks of heirloom tomatoes, and my homemade spice mix (cayenne, black pepper, and habanero).


so simple. so yummy. so good.

the only downside is that i kinda wonder how many times i am going to have to brush my teeth before i go outside today. sigh. i suppose some sacrifices are in order for a truly delish dish.


Trish said...

This looks and sound absolutley yummy!!!

foodie hunter said...

Thanks much!