Tuesday, September 2, 2008

be jammin'


hopefully the rest of the week (and then some) will be a lot less drama. i made another quick preserve around lunch time today. the objective was to sweeten my temperament. i think it worked out fairly well ummm....well...to be honest...it was the homemade preserves combined with my stomping around my office that appeared to be the most effective at assuaging my temperament. works wonders. i highly recommend it.

actually, i think it is very likely that almost everyone that is reading this posting has probably done the same thing. haven't you? i've probably actually walked with you or been in your office/cube while you were ranting about the very same thing. but that was in another life, a long time ago.

for lunch today, it was all about the blueberry raspberry preserve made with agave.

for the perfect and much needed sugary complement to the preserve, i split a morning bun into thirds and carefully spooned some of the preserve onto each slice.

i know what you are thinking...how can someone with my voracious appetite just have a morning bun and some jam for lunch? i was pretty pissed off and when i'm pissed off...i don't eat. the bun and jam was more a kin to medicine than anything else. it goes back to what i said a few posts ago....about food and healing....i think they are very much intertwined. being angry isn't fun...well, not for me anyways. as you know dear hearts, it usually takes quite a bit for me to get angry and i definitely don't enjoy it. hence the need for something sweet and assuaging. hmmmmmmmm.

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