Saturday, September 27, 2008

bánh giò for breakfast....

so this is going to be quite the quickie posting...i'm in the last stretch of trying to get some projects done. yet, i wanted to share with you my yummy breakfast from this morning. i picked up some bánh giò from oakland's chinatown yesterday. i love this stuff. what is not to like about steamed dumplings/tamale-like things? the steamed dough is like a extra firm savory rice custard and it is filled with salty ground pork and crunchy wood ear mushrooms. isn't it great how there can be these tamale-like dishes all around the world that use similar techniques? makes the world seem a bit smaller.

bánh giò looks a bit mysterious when fully wrapped in the banana leaf....

i bet folks that have never had bánh giò are thinking, "what is that?!" yet, for those of you who do know what bánh giò tastes like and appear to visit my blog for the express purpose of seeing photos of bánh giò....even unwrapping bánh giò elicits anticipation and expectation....

ooooooohhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhh.

i typically cut it up so that it reheats evenly in the microwave. once the bánh giò is cut up i splash on some nuoc mam and then reheat it for a breakfast or snack. yum yum.

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