Saturday, September 20, 2008

cupcake nostalgia

there is something about a cupcake. is the the nostalgia? is it a little cup of happiness? perhaps. yet the cupcakes from my local cupcakeria (i.e., love at first bite) are not exactly "old-fashioned" know, the ones that seem to have 3 or so inches of thick heavy pure frosting with a small super duper sugary sweet cake.

i must admit that i'm not a fan of the old fashioned traditional cupcake.

i fully understand that this is my personal quirk and there are hundreds of (if not a hundred thousand or so) people who line up for the magnolia cupcakes that completely disagree with me. the last time DC and i were in new york, i know she thought i was kinda crazy when i took a bite and a half of my cupcake and said "i'm done". after all, we had waited in line with elbows out trying to move around in that small cramped space. i could tell that DC liked magnolia cupcakes. a lot. yet, there are certain cupcakerias that we both like. we do enjoy cupcakes at love at first bite....and freakin' adore kara's cupcakes. but alas, kara's is in the city AND it is the marina. the marina isn't exactly on my "to visit" places. i also hear that there is also a location at ghiradelli. but again, not a location on my "to visit" list.....the thought of visiting ghiradelli is right up there with fisherman's wharf. so with those thoughts in mind....i don't visit kara's very often, and well, love at first bite is around the corner from my place. so the convenience and the fact that they seem to offer cupcakes that are more than just towers of overly sweet sugary frosting makes it a go-to place for me....especially when i have a limited amount of time to pick ups some treats for the family. during my last visit, i decided to stop by for a dozen....

i always feel just a teeny bit decadent when i order that many....i'm not certain why.....don't they look pretty?

i love being able to pick and faves are the red velvet

and the strawberry (aka pretty in pink). the strawberry is a pretty huge hit with JC too. EC seemed a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices and eventually settled on this one as well.

the mudpie cupcake is also pretty popular...this is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and crushed oreos....DC went for that one.

they had a couple of flavors that i hadn't seen before......a blueberry lemon....

which was more like a blueberry lemon muffin with lemon was a texture thing...more muffin-y than cake-y. it was still pretty good though. the other new one was the blackberry lemon....

AC had this one and said that he thought it was the best one he's had from love at first bite. yet, keep in mind though....AC is allergic to chocolate.

it wasn't until much later that i realized that i was contributing to future "cupcake nostalgia" as i inundate the next generation with cupcake food memories and the anticipatory excitement that comes with them. it is funny how things like that can hit you and you think "well, duh, why didn't i realize this before? it is so obvious."

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Victoria said...

Mmmm. Cupcakes. Makes me want a bombolini. With nutella.