Monday, September 1, 2008

daria and jane do slow food nation 08

well. i have to give credit where credit is due...and AC was the one who made the "daria and jane do slow food" comment after he picked us up at fort mason...the site of the first ever, slow food conference.

we had just spent a few hours wandering around and tasting nibbles at the slow food taste pavilion. it was an absolutely lovely experience... from both a visual and taste aesthetic.

each of the pavilion booths were extremely clever and it is my understanding that the materials used for the booths were all recyclable. yet this was by no means a crunchy-hippie-dippie event (as i live in berkeley, i mean hippie-dippie with the utmost affection...the kind of affection one has for the eccentric black sheep militant auntie). the slow food nation taste pavilion was definitely a high brow event.

my hands-down favorite was the ice cream pavilion. two flavors stood out considerably...those were the salted caramel ice cream and the raspberry.

the naia's raspberry flavor was the best raspberry flavor that DC and i have ever had before. ever. the salted caramel was absolutely amazing. like the majority of the pavilions, after standing in a line you purchased a "flight" aka small tastes...usually 3...of ice cream, seafood,

charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, etc. at the ice cream booth, i had the "modern" ice cream flight and DC had the "classic" ice cream flight.

the flight tastes were small yet, they were very rich. particularly at the charcuterie "nose to tail" booth.

after the salted caramel ice cream, the charcuterie booth was my overall favorite. i liked everything i tasted here...especially the jerky...i love jerky....

and enjoyed the fat (i.e., crema di lardo) on toast. lets call it what it is shall we? flavored lard on tiny toast. yumo.

then, there was the "line to end all lines"...and that, of course, was the cheese line.

it didn't matter what time of the day...the cheese line was by far the longest line. period. everyone affiliated with this booth were charming....and attempted to entertain folks in line by cracking jokes, talking about cheese, or providing yummy samples

that we didn't have to use our "slow dough" for. each flight at the pavilions cost 1-3 slow dough dollars.

yet, i didn't mind the cheese line so much. maybe it is because we had already visited the ice cream, chocolate, fish, and charcuterie sections... so i was pretty happy. the cheese line was so long that were were outside for a while....and it was a beautiful day. others were also enjoying the view as well.

once we arrived to the main counter at the cheese section, the volunteers were pretty efficient at doling out the cheeses....

some how...i think one of the reasons why the cheese line was so long was because they changed up the flavors a it was likely that you could stand in the line....hmmm....two or three times and not have a repeat taste.

i mean, look at all of this cheese!

sigh. have i mentioned today how lucky i am to live here?

the slow food nation taste pavilion was an absolutely lovely experience. i can't wait until the next one.

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