Tuesday, September 30, 2008

done. for now.

so i made my deadlines and all three projects were submitted.

i am bone tired.

absolutely positively.

i was talking to JS a couple of days ago, playing catch up, and he was relaying the not so great news that he'll be staying in alanta for another year or two. BOOOOO! i wasn't thrilled with that news, not at all. when he found out the kind of hours i've been doing for this (relatively) new gig, he asked "and you are ok with this?" i am ok with this right now. i am in a place where the hours fit into my current lifestyle (i.e., hermit-style which consists of only leaving to forage for food).

i find my job intellectually stimulating and have respect for my boss and the boss boss. i don't know about you dear hearts, but with each new company i join...i am finding that respect for the leadership is quite a crucial component to my actually staying with an organization. i also enjoy a measure of flexibility with my schedule. for example, i started today at 7am and let the boss know that i was going to sign off at 3 today. he was perfectly fine with it....particularly given the 14+ hour days i've been pulling. of course, if he was the type to be a butt head (which he isn't) i wouldn't be working for the company and if he had given me crap about signing off at 3, i doubt i'd be willing to put in the 14+hour days. i bet he knows that too. i bet he feels the same way i do. so it is all good.

so what did i do with my copious amounts of free time today? i went to stacey's to pick up the latest book from tamora pierce and i ate some duck noodle soup at the thai noodle joint off of union square. it was lovely. i stayed in stacey's for quite a long time...lingering particularly around the scifi and foodie areas ...ahhh heaven.....then ambled over to the thai joint near union squire. i got the distinct feeling it was just me and tourists taking advantage of the weak dollar in that 'hood today.

by the time i got to the decidedly more low rent "cash only" noodle place, i was pretty hungry. this joint is pretty consistent with solid offerings. i definitely like the roast duck noodle soup here...and i know enough folks order it so that the duck is turned over pretty quick. hmmmm. fatty ducky. hmmmmmm. yum. fatty ducky goooooood.

the noodles also arrive really fast after you order....which was pretty important as i wanted to satisfy my hunger as well as head back to berkeley, do a bit of blogging, and then settle down for the ultimate decadent behavior....reading scifi fantasy in bed. no email, no analysis, no research, no presentations, no projects, no execs, just curled up....reading in bed. well, dear hearts...i think i hear the bed calling out to me.

tomorrow it all starts again. yet for tonight, i can be decadent.

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