Friday, September 12, 2008

a good day: leftovers from pizzaiolo

i think i mentioned yesterday how i was taking it easy on lunch and such because i wanted to save room for dinner. turns out this was an excellent judgment on my part. the best friend and i decided to try pizzaiolo in oakland. for those of you who aren't familiar with pizzaiolio, pizzaiolo's pedigree is quite impressive as the founder spent quite a few years in kitchen of foodie mecca chez panisse. yet the pedigree aside, the food is just damn good.

we started with the tagliatelle with chanterelle mushrooms and wild nettles (yummerific), then had the fried green tomatoes which were hot, juicy, bursting with flavor, crispy, and silky all at the same time. who knew that all of those flavors and textures would be possible in a single dish? i could quite happily eat their version of fried green tomatoes again and again and blissfully ignore my increasing waistline. this was my fave of the night, can you tell? then, we finished up our meal with a "pizze" of rapini, house made sausage, and an egg. alas, we could not finish everything and when the best friend suggested i take home the leftovers, i was not about to argue. not one bit. who am i to argue with something that so obviously benefits me? so this morning i've been bouncing around looking forward to lunch since i knew what yumminess was coming.

i was still bouncing when i opened the box and placed the leftover slices in the oven.....being quite impatient i must say.

when it was ready, i had to tell myself..."take a picture! take a picture!" as all i wanted to do was gobble it up.

aren't you glad that i did pause to take a shot? doesn't that look soooo good?

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