Friday, September 19, 2008

good nite or good morning?

i'm winding down for the evening. naturally, the uk is just arriving into the office. what time is it again? should i say good nite? or good moring? jez, i'm so tired. i bet i'm going to find a zillion typos in this posting that i'll have to fix later. sigh.

fortunately, i made some pretty good progress on my projects today (thank goodness). unfortunately, i'm no longer in the zen mood....i'm more in the "oh crap, i got to get this stuff done!" kind of mood. sigh again. the zen mood was nice while it lasted though.

despite feeling myself getting all wound up, i did take the time to make myself an absolutely yummerific lunch today. it all began with these gypsy peppers i recently bought from riverdog farm. i had never made anything with gypsy peppers before and today just seemed like a good day to try them.

as usual, i started rooting around my fridge to see what else i could come up i decided upon these lovely green beans and yellow cherry tomatoes as well.

at this point, i was leaning toward a saute with the green beans, garlic, olive oil, chili flakes, the gypsy peppers, and some italian flat leaf parsley. yet, somehow, that didn't seem like enough food for today.

i didn't want to be paralyzed by indecision so i began to chop and smash. once i began to chop the peppers and smash the garlic cloves....i realized that eggs scrambled with shiitake, pecorino and parm....hmmmm...."that would be a nice accompaniment" i murmured to myself between whacks at the garlic....and then i could add a slice of toasted acme upstairs bread (of course). so, i went back to the fridge to grab the locally grown 'shrooms and the eggs (local brown cage free). once the veggies were chopped....i got out the pans and then things moved very quickly.

i remembered thinking "wow, this looks really good" after the flurry was over and everything was plated.

particularly the is a close up shot...

it actually looks pretty fancy for something that was so simple. as i mentioned earlier it was pretty yummerific as well. isn't it nice when it all works out? maybe a few of these kind of meals will put me back into my zen there is a thought.

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