Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in a zen kinda mood

hmmm. looks like i now have three projects due on the 30th.

i wonder how that happened?

my super-mystical-ninja-sense tells me that it'll be some late nights between now and then. yet, i feel remarkably zen about the whole thing. i realize i may not be so zen, oh on the 29th, perhaps? but for this moment around 7ish on wednesday i'm feeling very zen. i think there are a series of lovely events that contributed to my calm.

it all began last night on my way to bar tartine in the city to meet up with SN. i picked up christopher moore's "a dirty job" from the other change of hobbit (of course) to read on the train. i found myself fallin' in love and unexpectedly laughing out loud by page 7 as well as holding back tears by page 11. by the time i reached bar tartine i had pretty much decided that i would find "kitty!" power pretty handy and would adore hanging out with a couple of hellhounds. i also found it quite appropriate that i was meeting SN at bar tartine, since it was SN's recommendation that made me pick the book up.

both SN and i had a lovely time at bar tartine.... catching up, noshing, and receiving some great service. you'll notice that i often don't say anything about service. service in the sf bay area can often be pretty crappy (unless you really really pay for gary danko for instance). yet, that wasn't the case with SN and my visit at bar tartine...the service was friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive.

alas, since i don't use the flash on my camera as i think it disturbs other patrons' eating experiences.... there are no decent shots of food at bar tartine. sorry! my fave dish of the night was the dessert we shared. it was a fromage blanc bavarian, a scoop of concord grape sorbet, and a sprinkling of pistachio nuts. it was a lovely contrast of flavors and very tasty. my next fave consisted of the roasted marrow bones....served with arugula and toasty artisan bread. yum yum.

as if the bar tartine experience wasn't enough....this afternoon, i met MP for a quick snack at cesar's. it is amazing how quickly a huge mound of fried potatoes will disappear under nimble fingers. (see the top image)

i think you can understand now, dear hearts, why i'm in such a good mood? lovely company, lovely food, and a heartbreakingly funny book....yup, i think that will do it.

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