Sunday, September 28, 2008

jujube: wanna try?

while at the old oakland farmers' market on friday, i noticed that one of the corner stalls had a bin of brownish-red and greenish-yellow spheres. i was pretty intrigued so i walked over to the bin.

the vendor was pretty savvy and was offering entire globes to try....he indicated that these were jujubes grown in fresno. i took a bite of the offered globe. i really had no idea what to expect. the first thing you notice is the crisp and crunchy nature of the fruit. it has a nice crunch and subtle sweetness. i immediately started routing through the bin looking for some to buy. the vendor suggested looking for fruit that was smooth to the touch and had no wrinkles. i bought a half of a pound to take home with me...which was quite a few since they aren't really heavy.

since then, i've been snacking on them. particularly today...

as you can see, it also gave me an opportunity to play around with some of the jujube pics.

jujube texture is similar to an apple...except it isn't as juicy.

yup, jujube is dry. i don't mean this in a bad just isn't as wet as an apple or asian pear. the crispiness is similar to jicama...but again, it is a little drier than jicama. there is also a small seed or stone in the middle of the jujube. the vendor was right about the wrinkles btw. i managed to buy one that had some wrinkles on it. i bit into it as i wanted to see what the difference was.....and i noticed right away it wasn't as crisp. it wasn't bad...but i find that i really like that crispy crunch. no worries though....i immediately ate another smooth crunchy sweet one and i still have quite a few to snack on over the next couple of days. yum yum.

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