Thursday, September 4, 2008

midnight thoughts and connections

so i've been thinking a lot about whether or not to take down the foodie hunter flickr page. interestingly enough, while this thought has been in the background.....a woman from seattle made a comment on one of my flickr sets. one of the things she mentioned was "You had fun with your figs & I'm inspired to try playing with my own food now." that was such a lovely comment for her to make and she didn't have to. although she doesn't know me, she decided to share.

my passion (or obsession depending on the day) for food and wanting to observe other people's passion are a couple of the reasons why i decided to enter into the realm of social media. i cook because i love it. i eat because it gives me great pleasure. i often look adoringly at images of wonderful food cookbooks, magazines, and now flickr. i'm also one of those people in a restaurant that is craning their neck trying to see what everyone else is eating. i'm absolutely positively not one of those "i-wish-i-could-take-a-pill-so-i-don't-have-to-eat" kind of people. you know who you are.

also, for as long as i can remember, i have always written or typed my random thoughts in journals, napkins, little slips of paper, whatever that was blank and handy. the blog aspect of social media has really allowed me to combine so many of my, writing, and photography. social media has also allowed me to stumble upon other people with similar interests.

as for pictures, personally i'm really only interested in taking pictures of loves and it is all about the people in the inner circle and food stuff. through flickr, i too have been inspired by the amount of amazing talent out there...particularly the talent of those who are not professional photographers....however, like me...just have a love of food. i just looked through my favorites again and i could feel myself smiling a sappy smile. what can i say? i'm a geek and never pretended to be otherwise. i suppose this is quite a rambling way to say that the flickr account stays, for now.

oh, btw: the picture has nothing to do with this posting....i'm guessing that you've already figured this out. if you are wondering what/where it is...i took the picture of the lavender a few years ago at the sf ferry building farmers' market. isn't it pretty? i'm also really liking some of the lavender and chocolate pairings that i've been seeing around. how's that for random?

i think it is time for bed.


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