Thursday, September 25, 2008

mood: cranky

cranky cranky cranky.

the foodie hunter is very cranky.

the foodie hunter does not like being sick and knows that the foodie hunter can even "out cranky" a two year old when feeling sick. good thing i work from home and almost everyone else is in the uk....else i might have gotten all naomi on my co-workers today. although, i'd never throw my phones or blackberry...i like my gadgets too much....maybe a few of the hundred or so books i have in my office would do the trick. sometimes it is good to be a bibliophile. i suppose dear hearts, you are seeing all sides of the foodie hunter in this blog.... the good, the sad, the angry, and the very cranky.

the major difference between "the angry" and "the cranky" is that i can feed "the cranky" while "the angry"..well, as we've already established..."the angry" will not be placated by food alone.

i thought it would be a good idea to feed "the cranky" a couple of new [to me] things today. the first new taste were flat nectarines. quite intriguing little things aren't they?

i had never eat one before today. i'm not certain if i just picked up the up the wrong ones from the fruit mound...but they aren't as sweet or juicy as regular nectarines or peaches. the meat of the fruit is also a bit more dense than regular nectarines or peaches. if these were still a little under ripe [which i doubt because i waited a couple of days until they were slightly soft]...then they also didn't have that tarty tang of slightly under ripe peaches. i think i will try a few more to see if this experience is consistent.

the other new thing i tried today were spicy cheese curds that i bought at my local market.

now, i've tried fried cheese curds in illinois which were an interesting squeaky i thought, hmmm, these could be interesting as well. these are called mike's firehouse curd from spring looks like spring hill is based in petaluma, ca. they are pretty good once they are have been brought to room temperature. they definitely aren't the same kind of curds i had in the midwest...these are more cheesey. the curds in the midwest tasted something closer to paneer in taste and texture. the curds from spring hill were definitely more cheesey in flavor and texture....kinda like a very mild white cheddar.

i actually snacked on both of these two new things before i decided to also have them for lunch. i'm a big fan on grazing/snacking throughout the day. i also wanted to keep my lunch i added some toasted acme upstairs bread with ripe creamy yummy avocado and a sprinkle of my homemade habanero, black pepper, and cayenne spice mix.

kinda an interesting take on "bread, fruit, and cheese plate" don't you think?

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