Monday, September 29, 2008

neighborhood jewel: old oakland farmers market

"hello! hello! hello!" says the frantic punchy foodie hunter with glazed eyes.....

i'm taking a super quick break as i have about 3 and a half ours until midnight....which is when i've got to finish my third project. remember, midnight for me is 8am in the uk.

no stress or anything.

the zen mood
is soooooo gone..... a far and distant memory.

yet, the foodie hunter cannot live on work alone! must have a break that is, as always, food-related....either eating it or looking at it....or both!

i think we've already established that i enjoyed my trip to the old oakland farmers market last friday. the scream sorbet experience alone would have made me happy with my visit. yet, when you add the jujube discovery....and seeing all of this beautiful produce....

how could i not be enchanted? it is my hope that this peaks your curiosity as well....and that you'll consider stopping by. maybe i'll see you there this friday! 'kay, break time over. if you would like to see more pics from old oakland farmers market, please feel free to visit my flickr page here. i gotta get back to work. 'til later dear hearts!

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