Wednesday, September 3, 2008

simply good

i am in the middle of some research for a small project....(thank goodness it is a small one right now) which should finish up by the end of the week. it is nice to get back to a bit more "normal" hours. it will likely begin to get quite busy next week....but that is next week, and i think it would be best if i think about that when it happens.

as it is so warm today, i wanted something that was simple and didn't require a lot of heat from the stove. hence no roasting veggies, toasting acme upstairs bread...or anything that would require me to turn on the oven for an extended amount of time. it started with the beautiful heirloom tomato that has this heady green smell that you only get from tomatoes that ripen on the vine. then i grabbed some blue corn toritillas (brand: mi abuelita bonita tortillas) that i've been wanting to try.

i quickly reheated the tortillas on the gas stove and waited until they were properly toasty. it did not escape me that i'm still eating a form of toast....sigh. something about me and toasted carbs. love them.

anyway, i sprinkled on some pre-shredded cheese on top of the tortillas, nuked them for about 30 seconds, and then placed chunks of the fresh tomato on top of the melted cheese. to finish this simple dish, i sprinkled some kosher salt and some of my homemade freshly ground spice mix (a mixture of cayenne, dried habanero, and black pepper) on top of the tomato chunks.

it was wonderful....the fresh silky chunks of the tomato with the salty cheese...and the kick of spice. yum yum. there is a reason why so many cultures put tomatoes and cheese together....amazingly and simply good.

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