Wednesday, September 10, 2008


interestingly enough, i felt like a weight had been lifted when i woke up this morning. a bit
cliché? yes. absolutely. yet, it was how i felt. unburdened.

also, continuing on my theme of complete honesty, i totally squealed like a stereotypical girl when i talked to DH this morning. DH got a PS3 for his birthday. i'm so jealous and naturally i told him so. now, DH has a room with: Wii, Xbox, and a PS3. hmmmm, that be really nice. maybe someday.

anyway, it was quite a different start to the day and i actually felt myself getting excited about cooking. it started while i was in my local market and came across this lovely bunch of organic red kale.

i don't think the pictures do it proper justice...but it is absolutely lovely and i decided to braise it in water and red pepper flakes. once it was done, i set it aside.

then for an early dinner, i decided to pair the kale with some fresh garlic parsley pasta that i've been wanting to try. while the pasta was cooking, i sautéed some organic ca grown button shiitake mushrooms in butter and kalamata olive oil. once the mushrooms were browned in the butter oil sauce, i added a handful of the braised kale and then the cooked strands of the fresh garlic parsley pasta. i finished the dish by adding halved yellow cherry tomatoes and grated percorino cheese.

beautiful isn't it? it was supremely yummy as well.

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